Wealth Inequality Is Not Just a Moral Issue; It’s an Existential Threat – John Lefebvre

Wealth inequality around the world has been ignored for too long. We need a new and different conversation about global wealth inequality, since it now threatens the survival of humanity. Our catastrophic threats like climate change, destruction of nature, pandemics, mass migration and war are all intensified by inequality of financial resources. And those threats all require serious investments to manage them. Luckily, we have enough money in the world. Instead of making wealthy people and countries even wealthier, we could invest in our future survival and success. This requires strong global systems to deploy financial resources in a more effective way. Our world needs to finally deal with inequality – we don’t really have a choice.

With us to help figure this out is our guest, John Lefebvre. John has a unique perspective on wealth, after making hundreds of millions of dollars years ago in successful business, then losing much of that money, and then charitably giving away most of the rest. He is an activist, philanthropist, musician, author, entrepreneur and a former lawyer. He talks with us about the psychology of wealth accumulation, getting high on generosity, the economic and political impact of inequality on society, and what public policy tools we can use to promote wealth equality and better use of society’s resources. He also gives us hope that motivated citizens can make a difference.

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