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COVID-19 Lab Leak: People Are Not Talking Solutions. Here’s Some.

There’s been a lot of talk lately about the possibility that COVID-19 leaked from a lab in Wuhan, China. Surprisingly, even with all this attention, few people are talking about solutions that can actually make ourselves safer from future pandemics coming out of labs. And even worse, we’re on the verge of really mismanaging the relationship with China. So today, I’ll talk solutions. Instead of just talking about the past, we can start working to create the safer future we all want.


These couple guys have done great reporting on the lab leak possibility since early in the pandemic, long before it was widely accepted:

~ Jamie Metzl offers an exhaustive compilation of facts and resources

~ Virologist Dr. Chris Martenson at Peak Prosperity has done several episodes on this, and other valuable coverage of COVID and other issues. His recent work on the lab leak possibility includes:

A couple of the most solid overviews of the lab leak issue I’ve seen. These review the evidence and the public discussion so far. Start here if you’re new to the issue:

~ Vanity Fair, 6/3/21 (Katherine Eban)

The Lab-Leak Theory: Inside the Fight to Uncover COVID-19’s Origins

~ NY Times, 6/25/21 (Zeynep Tufekci)

Where Did the Coronavirus Come From? What We Already Know Is Troubling.

Dr. Filippa Lentzos & Dr. Gregory Koblentz have done a great survey of BSL-4 labs around the world, and offer safety recommendations. Their ideas deserve more public attention:

~ Kings College London, May 2021

Mapping Maximum Biological Containment Labs Globally

~ The Conversation, 6/14/21

Fifty-nine labs around world handle the deadliest pathogens – only a quarter score high on safety

~ Global Biolabs Project

This WHO summary has an optimistic and forward-looking tone, while admitting that there is significant work to be done to ensure adequate safety of labs working with dangerous pathogens:

~ World Health Organization, 4/28/21

Enhancement of laboratory biosafety

There have been lab safety breaches in several countries for many years. These articles summarize the risks we have faced for years:

~ USA Today, 3/22/21 (Alison Young)

Could an accident have caused COVID-19? Why the Wuhan lab-leak theory shouldn't be dismissed

~ Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, 6/17/21

Essential reading on lab leaks and gain-of-function research

~ Vox, 5/1/20 Why some labs work on making viruses deadlier — and why they should stop


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