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Israel-Palestine & Other Wars: A New International Approach | Ben Gavin & Sarmad Wali Khan

We are all horrified by the wars in Israel-Palestine, and Ukraine.  And those are just the conflicts we hear about.  There are 21 wars in the world right now - most of them barely make the news.  We tend to feel hopeless as we watch the death and suffering.  But what if we didn’t have to feel helpless?  What if the world had ways to actually DO something, and SOLVE wars?

The Human Survival Project proposes redesigning and strengthening the United Nations, so humanity can have the global tools to manage violence, and the many other existential threats humanity faces.  Today we talk about what might be possible if we had those tools.

With us to discuss this are two members of The Human Survival Project Team - Ben Gavin and Sarmad Wali Khan.


Wikipedia - List of Current Armed Conflicts


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