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The Real Immigration Issue: Get Ready For Climate Change



Immigration has been a big challenge for many countries, and has been a source of conflict and frustration. But if we can’t handle today’s migrants, how will we handle the 2 Billion migrants we might see over the next 50 years? That’s the future of climate change, as many countries will be become too hot for humans to live. If we are not careful, this situation could be very destabilizing to the world. This will require completely different thinking about immigration, and a fundamentally different approach.

The good news: immigration can be economically great for the country receiving those immigrants, if the world plans for the future to take advantage of the opportunities.


Climate-related heat & potential population displacement:

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Conditions in refugee camps:

~ Wikipedia - Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh

Economics of migration:

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Germany, an interesting case study:

~ The Guardian, 8/30/20

How Angela Merkel’s great migrant gamble paid off


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