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U.S. Military Spending: Protection or Danger?

The United States spends an astronomical amount of money on its military - more than any other nation. In fact, more than the next 8 nations combined. It helps fund 750 military bases in 80 countries. It has quite an impact on the world.

Last week, the U.S. Congress and President Biden enacted the National Defense Authorization Act of 2023, which increased military spending to the largest level since the end of World War II, even adjusted for inflation.

Increasing technology makes war more dangerous. And growing conflict between the United States, China and Russia (and of course Ukraine) is fueling an arms race between superpowers that could end up disastrous.

Today, we consider what the United States actually gets for all this military spending. Does it make Americans and the world safer, or put them in more danger? What else could this money be used for?

And I suggest we turn to world approaches to world security - like a stronger United Nations - rather than large nations slugging it out with each other.


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